Covert Stroke - Competition Results 2010

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In partnership with the Canadian Stroke Network, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is pleased to support a project addressing the prevalence and consequences of covert ischemia in Canada. Covert stroke is thought to be ten times as common as clinical stroke and may be affecting six percent of the population. The research supported through this initiative is expected to inform decision-making on public health policies and planning of clinical trials for the prevention of covert ischemia in Canada.
  • Smith, Eric; O'Donnel, Martin (University of Calgary)
    PURE-MRI: a proposal to determine the prevalence and consequences of covert ischemia in Canada.
    Co-Investigators: Dagenais, Gilles (Hôpital Laval); Lear, Scott (Simon Fraser University); Poirier, Paul (Hôpital Laval); Rangarajan, Sumathy (McMaster University); Teo, Koon (McMaster University); Wielgosz, Andy (University of Ottawa); Yusuf, Salim (McMaster University).
    Project Summary
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