Fondation des maladies du cœur, Alberta

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Recent Funding Opportunity for Alberta Researchers

Alberta New Investigator Award (2019/2020)
The Alberta New Investigator Award program will align application and peer review timing with the Heart & Stroke National New Investigator Award program. The Alberta New Investigator Award Program launched in conjunction with the National New Investigator Award Program with application deadline on September 07, 2018 at 16:00 EDT. Supplementary Guidelines for the Alberta New Investigator Award can be accessed here.
Eligibility: Alberta applicants should be within start to 7 years of their first faculty appointment.
The Alberta New Investigator applicants who fall within start to 5 years of their first faculty appointment are also eligible to apply for the National New Investigator Competition (2019-2020) by using ONE Application Form.  Applicants who fall within 6 to 7 years are eligible for the Alberta competition.
For further details, please review the Guidelines below.

Competition Results