Heart & Stroke Foundation, Ontario Provincial Awards: 2017/2018

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The Heart & Stroke Foundation, Ontario Provincial Personnel Awards were established to build cardiovascular and cerebrovascular (CCVD) health research capacity in Ontario by providing salary support to highly qualified individuals to protect professional time for research that will prevent disease, improve health outcomes, and reduce the burden of illness and disability.
Mid-Career Investigator awardees have demonstrated a track record of research excellence and productivity as Principal Investigator in a research discipline relevant to the Foundation’s mission. Their body of work is well-recognized, frequently cited and considered by their peers to be influential and of excellent quality.
Clinician-Scientist awardees have demonstrated a commitment to building an influential program of CCVD health research relevant to the Foundation’s mission.
The Heart & Stroke Foundation, Ontario Provincial Office is pleased to announce the individuals who have received funding in the 2017/2018 Personnel Award Competition.

Ontario Mid-Career Investigators
Gladstone, David J. (Department of Medicine, University of Toronto)
Protecting the brain from the heart: improving prediction and prevention of cardioembolic stroke
Kapral, Moira K. (Department of Medicine, University of Toronto)
Stroke health service research program
Mielniczuk, Lisa M. (Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
The evaluation of neurohormonal and metabolic aspects of heart failure across the translational spectrum
Saposnik, Gustavo (Department of Medicine, St. Michael's Hospital)
Improving stroke outcomes by making better decisions
Sweeney, Gary (Department of Biology, York University)
Understanding mechanisms of heart failure in obesity and diabetes
Whitlock, Richard P. (Department of Surgery, McMaster University)
Atrial fibrillation in cardiac surgery
Ontario Clinician Scientist Phase I
Bhatia, Rajan S. (Division of Cardiology, Women's College Hospital)
Reducing low value cardiac care
Leong, Darryl (Department of Medicine, McMaster University)
Frailty and cardiovascular disease
Lin, Steve (Department of Medicine, St. Michael's Hospital)
Optimizing cerebral oxygenation and metabolism in cardiac arrest
Ontario Clinician Scientist Phase II
Patterson, Kara K. (Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto)
An investigation of novel approaches to the rehabilitation of gait and balance after stroke: the use of rhythm and dance