Prevention of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases - Competition Results 2010


The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) is announcing the competition results for the Prevention of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases initiative. In partnership with the CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health, HSFC is pleased to co-fund three operating grants.
The goal of the initiative is to further strengthen Canadian and international health research in the upstream factors leading to chronic cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and respiratory conditions. Proposals approved for funding address the behavioural, psychological, social and environmental factors important in the effective prevention (both primary and secondary) of chronic diseases, and innovative intervention strategies that can affect outcome.
A total of 32 applications was received of which nine were approved for funding. The three grants co-funded by HSFC are listed below.
  • Dolovich, Lisa; McDonough, Beatrice (McMaster University)
    How does the organization of community based networks foster screening, prevention and managemend of blood pressure?
    Co-Investigators: Agarwal, Gina (McMaster University); Chambers, Larry (Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute); Liddy, Clare (Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute).
    Project Summary

  • Janssen, Ian; Pickett, William (Queen's University)
    Built environments as a determinant of obesity in young Canadians.
    Co-Investigator: Freeman, John (Queen's University).
    Project Summary

  • McQueen, Matthew (McMaster University); Lear, Scott (Simon Fraser University)
    Societal and environmental determinants of lipids as risk factors for cardiovascular disease in 17 countries worldwide.
    Co-Investigators: Chow, Clara (McMaster University); Dehghan, Mahshid (McMaster University); Pogue, Janice (McMaster University); Teo, Koon (McMaster University); Vaz, Mario (Bangalore University, India); Yusuf, Salim (McMaster University).
    Project Summary
For more details about the initiative, please see the Request for Applications.
For more information, please contact:
Ann Nguyen
Information/Project Coordinator
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Phone: 613 569 4361 ext. 268