HSF of Ontario - Program Grants - FAQs

The following Guide is intended to clarify the existing Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Program Grants Terms of Reference. 

  1. QUESTION: How many Program Grants does the HSFO anticipate funding in each year of its Program Grants competition?
    ANSWER: The HSFO anticipates funding one Program Grant per year, (regardless if new or renewal application), subject to Board approval on an annual basis and the availability of funds. 
  2. QUESTION: Can a single PI be a member of more than one Program Grant?
    ANSWER: Only one Program will be funded each year, so an individual PI can only be associated with one funded Program Grant. However, a single PI can be a member of more than a single Program Grant application provided that the individual submits a different GIA with each Program Grant application, and that the overlap is minimal.
  3. QUESTION: Can a Program Grant include multiple institutions?
    ANSWER: Yes. Please note, however, that the Program Grant Director's institution will be responsible for administering the Core/Infrastructure of the Program Grant, as well as administering the Director's individual GIA. Note that the Director of a Program Grant must hold an HSFO GIA at the beginning of the Program Grant funding cycle. If the other members of the Program Grant are from other institutions in Ontario, their individual GIAs will be administered at their own institutions. HSFO is not envisioning inter-Provincial Programs. 
  4. QUESTION: Will all Program Grants be funded for 5 years? 
    ANSWER: The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is intending to fund each successful Program Grant for 5 years provided that the budget is well justified and that the peer-review process confirms the excellence of the individual proposals and the added academic and research value provided by the group configuration. The length of the term will be at the discretion of the HSFO Program Grants Review Committee, and is subject to Board approval. 
  5. QUESTION: Must the GIAs in the Program Grant be funded by HSFO or can they be funded by other agencies, like CIHR?
    ANSWER: At least 3 GIAs in the Program, including the GIA of the Director, must be funded by HSFO. 
  6. QUESTION: Are GIAs submitted separately from the Program Grant? (Can they be part of the Program Grant and still be funded individually, even if the Program Grant does not receive funding?)
    ANSWER: Yes. New GIA applications are to be submitted for the regular Sept. 1st deadline for operating grants. Each new GIA application will undergo evaluation by the appropriate National Scientific Review Committee as if it were a stand-alone GIA application. A separate Program Grants Review Committee will subsequently review the group aspects of the proposed Program. The rating for the Program will depend both upon the excellence of the individual GIAs and the justification for the added academic value that is gained by configuring the GIAs as a group. If the Program Grant fails to receive funding, then the new GIA, if rated highly enough, can still be funded as a stand-alone operating grant.
    Renewal GIA applications that are submitted for the regular Sept. 1st deadline can also be incorporated into a Program Grant proposal. As with new GIAs, if the Program Grant fails to receive funding, then the renewal GIA, if rated highly enough, can still be funded as a stand-alone operating grant. 

  7. QUESTION: What if only 2 of the 3 (or more) GIAs comprising the Program Grant submission are recommended for funding? Does that kill the Program Grant?
    ANSWER: Yes
  8. QUESTON: As a Director of a Program Grant, can an individual hold a CIHR grant but not a HSFO grant? 
    ANSWER: No. The Director of the Program Grant must currently hold an HSFO GIA and that GIA must be included as part of the Program Grant application. Alternatively, the Director may apply for GIA funding from HSFO for inclusion within a Program Grant application at the same time as submitting a Program Grant proposal. In this case, the Directorship would be conditional upon the scientific excellence of the GIA application. 
  9. QUESTION: Can we incorporate GIAs into the Program Grant that are mid-term i.e. neither new nor renewals?
    ANSWER: Yes, grants that are mid-term (at least 18 months from expiration at onset of Program) can be incorporated into a Program Grant. The operating GIA that is incorporated will have to be renewed at its regular renewal time. Alternatively, there may be a possibility, at the discretion of the Program Grants Review Committee, that the term of the ongoing GIA can be extended to be in line with the term of the Program.

    If an ongoing GIA is incorporated into a Program Grant application and the Program Grant is not funded, this will not compromise the ongoing GIA. It will continue on as usual and will be subject to renewal as a stand-alone GIA at its regular renewal time. 

  10. QUESTION: Is this program intended for existing groups?
    ANSWER: No. It is the intention of HSFO to fund new groups, whose members propose new initiatives and who are not a part of existing groups, funding by other granting agencies.