Gender and Sex Determinants of Circulatory and Respiratory Health: Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) Teams Grant Program - Competition Results 2004

The purpose of this RFA is to build capacity among teams of investigators who are poised to conduct research and translate new knowledge regarding gender and sex determinants of circulatory and respiratory health. The funding associated with this RFA, in addition to supporting excellent research, is intended to enhance the capacity of groups of researchers to: (a) address key strategic research themes through the creation of strong intra- and inter-institution mentoring arrangements, and (b) develop team strategies for knowledge translation.

This research capacity-building program will help forge multidisciplinary teams around any of the three strategic research themes (i.e., Gender and sex determinants of atherosclerotic disease risks, including metabolic syndrome, across the lifespan; Gender and sex determinants of acute coronary syndromes; Gender and sex determinants of lung disease including airways diseases and lung cancer) and to attract researchers from relevant disciplines including those who have not been primarily or previously involved in health research.
A total of six teams were invited to submit full proposals in February 2004. Four out of the six applications were approved for funding.
The Institute of Gender and Health (IGH), the Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH), Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Lung Association in partnership with the Association pulmonaire du Québec are pleased to announce the results of the competition.
Congratulations to the successful teams!
  • ANAND, Sonia S, ARTHUR, Heather M, LONN, Eva, YUSUF, Salim (McMaster University)
    Co-Applicant(s): BLANKENBERG, Stefan / GERSTEIN, Hertzel C / MEHTA, Shamir / NATARAJAN, Madhu K / SHARMA, Arya M
    Sex and Gender Determinants of Acute Coronary Syndromes and the Metabolic Syndrome: Inter-disciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) Teams Grant Program
    $295,250 5 years
  • BECKER, Allan B (University of Manitoba)
    Co-Applicant(s): BENOIT, Cecilia M / DEAN, Heather J / KOZYRSKYJ, Anita L / MARCHESSAULT, Gail / SANDFORD, Andrew J / SELLERS, Elizabeth A / SOUSSI GOUNNI, Abdelilah / TABACK, Shayne P / TAYLOR, Carla G
    Adolescent Females, Obesity, and Asthma: An Inflammatory State
    $295,250 5 years
  • KENNEDY, Susan M, SIN, Donald (University of British Columbia)
    Co-Applicant(s): BARTLETT, Karen H / GREAVES, Lorraine J / NICOL, Anne-Marie / PARE, Peter D / PEDERSON, Ann P / SPITTAL, Patricia M / WARD, Helen
    Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement: Bridging Excellence in Respiratory disease and Gender Studies (ICEBERGS)
    $295,250 5 years
  • PILOTE, Louise (The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre)
    Co-Applicant(s): ABRAHAMOWICZ, Michael M / COX, Jafna L / EISENBERG, Mark J / GHALI, William A / HAMET, Pavel / HUMPHRIES, Karin H / KIRKLAND, Susan A / NORRIS, Colleen / O'LOUGHLIN, Jennifer L / TREMBLAY, Johanne / TU, Jack V
    Gender and Sex Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease: From Bench to Beyond
    $295,249 5 years