Collaborative Action on Childhood Obesity

Principal Investigator:

Larsen, Craig (Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada) 
Our work aims to reverse the escalating trend in childhood obesity. The project will work towards that goal by decreasing the appeal and accessibility of unhealthy food choices while improving the availability of healthy alternatives at participating schools. Schoolchildren will be educated about the contribution of sugar-sweetened drinks to obesity, as well as the importance of getting regular physical activity, limiting idle leisure time and reducing screen time—playing video games and spending time on the Internet.
In addition, the project team will learn from Quebec’s experience with zoning regulation of junk food sales near schools to create the framework for implementing similar zoning regulations in other jurisdictions. The project team will also work with First Nations communities to assist in developing sustainable food strategies based on local traditional dietary practices.
By educating children and their parents, working with food preparers and suppliers and changing municipal and provincial regulations, the project hopes to achieve a sustainable reduction in childhood obesity.