Dissemination of the "Choisir de Maigrir?" Program in Health and Social Service Centers in Québec: Evaluation of its Implementation and Impact on Lifestyle Habits and Well-Being


Principal Investigator: Catherine Bégin (Université Laval)

In the face of increased prevalence of obesity and chronic diseases in Canada, initiatives that aim at reducing these conditions have to be implemented among the population. The Québec government launched in 2006 an action plan (PAG) to promote healthy eating and regular physical activity, to prevent weight-related problems among Québecers. 
One of the priorities of the PAG is to improve health services offered to individuals with weight-related issues. However, the development and implementation of sustainable weight-related strategies remains a challenge since the majority of individuals regain weight lost over time.
In response to the need of an alternative approach (that is not strictly dieting), “Health-At-Every-Size”, an intervention which focuses broadly on health rather than weight, has been proposed as an effective strategy for individuals with weight-related problems who are constantly seeking for help to better manage their weight. Accordingly, the "Choisir de Maigrir?" program is one of the actions identified in the PAG as a community-based intervention to improve health services among women. 
Within the context of its massive dissemination among health and social services centres of Québec, it is essential to develop a population-based understanding of the effectiveness of the "Choisir de Maigrir?" in its natural setting by documenting:
  1. the acceptability of the program;
  2. the quality of the implementation process (conditions of delivery); and
  3. the effects of the program on women’s health, including healthy eating, active living, well-being, and weight.
Because of the urgent need to help individuals struggling with weight-related problems in a healthy and sustainable way, this innovative research program will contribute to new scientific knowledge on weight management. The program will also encourage tight collaborations and knowledge exchange between researchers, non-profit organizations, and public partners.