Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF), Alberta

Alberta New Investigator Award (2018/2019)

The Alberta New Investigator Award program will align application and peer review timing with the H&S National New Investigator Award program.  The Alberta New Investigator Award Program launched in conjunction with the National New Investigator Award Program with application deadline on September 08, 2017 at 16:00 EDT. Supplementary Guidelines for the Alberta New Investigator Award can be accessed below.

Eligibility: Alberta applicants should be within start to 7 years of their first faculty appointment.

The Alberta New Investigator applicants who fall within start to 5 years of their first faculty appointment are also eligible to apply for the National New Investigator Competition (2018-2019) by using ONE Application Form.  Applicants who fall within 6 to 7 years are eligible for the Alberta competition.

For further details, please review both the Guidelines below.