Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease (2013)

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Health Research are pleased to announce the results of the Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease initiative.
The aim of this funding opportunity is to support new research relating to environment, genes and chronic disease, including novel research approaches and methodologies to address this research area. To encourage inter-disciplinary approaches to this research, applicants must collaborate with a colleague with expertise in a different discipline or field of research from their own. For example, applicants funded through this initiative might include a geneticist working with a researcher in environmental health or population health and another researcher with expertise related to a specific non-communicable chronic disease.
  • Pérusse, Louis (Université Laval)
    Co-PI: Bureau, Alexandre (Université Laval)
    Joining well-characterized phenotype and genetic exposures with powerful statistical models to understand gene-environment interactions in metabolic syndrome.