You can apply online for Grant-in-Aid (GIA) funding using the Heart & Stroke’s web-based application system, CIRCUlink. The system also facilitates online peer review, budget review, and grant administration.

Visit now to create your personal Heart & Stroke profile and get started on your application. A user guide is provided to help you navigate the system.

Application for a GIA must be submitted online using CIRCUlink by 16:00 EDT 30 THURSDAY, AUGUST 2018. CIRCUlink will not accept submissions after this deadline (date and time).

Please note:

  • GIA applicants are allowed to submit a maximum of one grant application (new or renewal) to the 2019/20 GIA competition as either Principal or Co-Principal Investigator. Applicants are allowed to hold no more than two Heart & Stroke funded GIAs as Principal and/or Co-Principal Investigator at any one time. If an applicant holds ongoing funding as Principal and/or Co-Principal Investigator for two GIAs that are not scheduled to be completed within the coming funding year, no new applications can be submitted.
  • The applicant is required to declare all secured and proposed (i.e. submitted in the same funding cycle) partnered funding at the time of submission. There can be no overlap/duplication in expenses or activities with partnered funding. See Section 6 (page 13 of the GIA Submission Guidelines).
  • Principal Investigators (and Co-PI) must have a full-time academic or faculty appointment (i.e. at minimum, at the Assistant or Clinical Assistant Professor level) in Canada at the time of application. Any applicant in an adjunct position at an academic institution must submit a letter from their dean/chair/division director to clarify their specific appointment, i.e. amount of protected time available, local infrastructure in place.
  • Applicants are required to integrate sex and gender-based analysis (SGBA) in their research design. Any application that does not incorporate SGBA must provide a rationale why it would not be relevant to the project. All applicants are strongly encouraged to complete CIHR’s Institute of Gender and Health training modules:
  • The application must be submitted online by 16:00 EDT 30 THURSDAY, August 2018.
    Note: Applicants attempting to submit their application at or following the deadline of 16:00:00 EDT will be prevented by CIRCUlink from submitting their application. There will be no appeal process to late submission. We strongly advise the applicant to submit well before the 16:00:00 EDT deadline.
  • GIA 2019/20 Application Deadline Support Notice:
    Heart & Stroke will attempt to provide support to all applicants requiring assistance leading up to the deadline of 16:00 EDT on 30 Thursday, August 2018. Please be advised that due to limited resources the Heart & Stroke cannot provide any assurances of available support after 15:00 EDT, 30 Thursday, August 2018. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that a completed application is submitted prior to the deadline. Heart & Stroke strongly recommends that applications be submitted well before the 16:00 EDT deadline.

  • Common CV: please note only the last 5 years are requested for the following sections:
    • Research Funding History (Awarded, Completed, and Under Review)
    • Supervisory Activities
    • Publications