You can apply online for Grant-in-Aid (GIA) funding using the Heart and Stroke Foundation's web-based application system, CIRCUlink. The system also facilitates online peer review, budget review, and grant administration.

Visit now to create your personal HSF profile and get started on your application. A user guide is provided to help you navigate the system.

Application for a Grant‐in‐Aid must be submitted online using CIRCUlink by 16:00 EDT 01 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2015. CIRCUlink will not accept submissions after this deadline.

Please note:

  • We strongly advise applicants to submit well before the 16:00 EDT deadline. Any applications attempted or submitted after the deadline will NOT be accepted. There will be no appeal process to late submission.
  • GIA 2016/17 Application Deadline Support Notice: HSF will attempt to provide support to all applicants requiring assistance leading up to the deadline of 16:00 EDT on 01 Tuesday, September 2015. Please be advised that due to limited resources the Foundation cannot provide any assurances of available support after 15:00 EDT, 01 Tuesday, September 2015. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that a completed application is submitted prior to the deadline. The Foundation strongly recommends that applications be submitted well before the 16:00 EDT deadline.


CIRCUlink Resources: